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Archipelis is a young company located near Bordeaux, France. It started its activity in the beginning of 2007 by providing Archipelis Designer, a 3D tool for both beginner and advanced 3D designers who wants to create 3D content in a fast way. Now, with the success of touch technologies, Archipelis is entering and focusing on this market with new applications to increase 3D user experience. If you have any questions, any improvement or any proposal, or if you need support for Archipelis Designer, feel free to send an email to:


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Want to be partner?

Archipelis is currently looking for partners in order to spread this technology. If you are interested in becoming affiliates or partners or are interested in licensing our source code or technology, just contact us for more information.

Thank you all!

The Archipelis company wants to thank the following people. Without them, Archipelis would not have been what it is today:

  • BestMomo Lagan on SL (for LSL scripts)
  • Fred Beckhusen (for the SL animation module)
  • Pinckney Benedict (for the content of this website)
  • Philip Staiger (for advise and strategy)
  • Ian Hughes (epredator) from IBM for the animation of the rhino in SL
  • Detail Canvas for the WebSite Theme