It is so easy to create 3D models!

A lot of exports and nice features!

From virtual to physical models thanks to 3D printing!

What's in V4.0?

Archipelis Designer (on Windows or Mac) takes a different approach to creating 3D models by simply drawing its shape! Just draw the contour of the various shapes of the model (for example: the head, the body, the legs) and Archipelis Designer automatically merges them and applies textures. It is also possible to use a picture or photo as a background and follow the contours on it.

Thus, very simply and in about ten minutes, it is possible to create realistic organic models and to export them in widespread 3D formats like VRML, 3DS Max, DirectX and moreover Second Life.



What you will love:

  • Brand new powerful graphic user interface.
  • Capability to 3D-print your 3D models (integration with 3D-printing service).
  • New export capabilities (Collada DAE and Project Dogwaffle/Howler and HTML5 WebGL are now supported - WebGL example here).
  • Improvement of Second Life Sculpted Prims quality.
  • Second Life animation capability (Fred Beckhusen scripts).
  • ...

Main features:

Use of the tool
Graphic User Interface brand new GUI, totally reworked
Second life and virtual worlds
Sculpted Prims export yes, improved texture quality
Animation in SL yes, thanks to Fred Beckhusen's in-world module
Collada (DAE) yes, this format is now supported for exports
3D print service
3D print feature yes, the model can be uploaded to our partner Shapeways to be printed.
Export capabilities
export to various formats yes, OBJ, VRML, 3DS, X3D, Collada DAE, Project Dogwaffle/Howler, HTML5, with WebGL, STL, OFF, C with OpenGL code... Note: direct Sketchup export is no more supported (.obj could be used instead).
3D-printing yes, on-line integration with a 3D-printing service (powered by Shapeways)
Shape management yes using 3D manipulators
modeling with images yes, up to 6 (cube faces)
improved accuracy yes
improved speed yes
boolean operations intersection/differences are supported between shapes
Multi-resolution yes (automatically set when modeling)
Emboss effect yes
Texture management yes, ability to scale/translate and generate/reuse textures
Rendering styles yes, some rendering styles are available like wireframe, envmap, cartoon...
3D anaglyphic visualization supported (red and blue glasses are required)

System requirements:

Windows System requirement:

Archipelis Designer V4.0 runs on a Windows XP SP 2 and above (XP SP2/3, Vista, 7, 8.x, 10) and Linux using Wine.
This machine sould have at least 512 Mb of memory (1 Gb is prefered), a 3D graphic card.

Apple MacOS System requirement:

Archipelis Designer V4.0 runs on minimum MacOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and above up to 10.15 (Catalina).
This machine sould have at least 1 Gb of memory (2 Gb is prefered).

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