It is so easy to create 3D models!

A lot of exports and nice features!

From virtual to physical models thanks to 3D printing!

What's in Archipelis Designer3D on iOS?

Archipelis3D is the first 3D modeler available on iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod). With Archipelis Designer3D, creating 3D content is accessible for everyone. No need to be an expert to create organic shapes and textured 3D models.
This innovative concept is extremely easy to use: just draw an outline from a background image to make a 3D textured model! Or you can use a blank view and just draw the shapes you want from scratch. It's the most intuitive approach to sketch out the shapes and enhance them with textures and photos. With a brand new efficient and simplified graphic user interface, 3D creation is accessible to everyone. On the iOS, thanks to touches, the user experience is amazingly increased.

How it works?

Archipelis Designer3D for iOS takes a different approach to creating 3D models by simply drawing its shape with your finger! Just draw the contour of the various shapes of the model (for example: the head, the body, the legs) and Archipelis Designer3D applies textures. It is also possible to use a picture or photo available in your iOS device as a background and follow the contours on it. Thus, very simply and in about ten minutes, it is possible to create realistic organic 3D models.

Once a 3D model created, you can order a real 3D print by just pressing one button. Archipelis has a partnership with a 3D printing company to provide the most integrated solution to make your virtual creation a real one.

Main features:

  • New efficient interface accessible to everyone
  • Affordable price
  • Draw 2D shapes to build 3D objects
  • Reposition, reshape, scale and move shapes
  • Merging process
  • Multi-resolution management
  • Viewing modes: cartoon, Environment mapped, textured
  • Zoom in and Zoom out
  • Multiple texture management and texture baking
  • Multi plane viewing selection so you can view your model from virtually any angle
  • Mirror shapes
  • Intuitive Contour editing for precise and fast curve editing
  • Undo management
  • Easy way to order 3D prints

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