It is so easy to create 3D models!

A lot of exports and nice features!

From virtual to physical models thanks to 3D printing!

Realize in Second Life

Archipelis Designer convert 3D models into Linden Labs' Second Life (SL) formats. With Archipelis Designer, you can easily create models for use in SL and get the power of Archipelis Designer technology (i.e. creating 3D models simply by drawing their 2D outlines and shapes) applied to Second Life, thus giving you the best and easiest way to create new, unique and realistic SL content.

How to do it?

For that, in order to create Sculpted Prims, you will need:

  • a license and a version of Archipelis Designer.
  • a Second Life account.
  • some L$ (Linden dollars) in order to pay Linden Labs (owner of Second Life) for uploading images. L$10 are taken for every uploaded image. A 3D model from Archipelis Designer will be converted into images to get scuplty prims definition (one image per shape and one image per texture of a shape). Thus L$100 to L$200 average is required for one model (hopefully, a small amount of real dollars).

With this version of Archipelis Designer, new interesting features are coming:

  • improvement of Sculpted Prims texture quality.
  • animation capability (thanks to Fred Beckhusen's in-world animation module).
  • export to Collada file format (DAE files).

Second Life

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