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Interview of Guido Cornia:

Guido Cornia is an Archipelis Designer user who decided to create 3D animation movies.
Read more here about his experience on Sigfried and The Lost world.

How did you decide to create such 3D animation movies?
Professionally I am a novelist. I like to write stories. I have done it during fourty years. But my great passion is the cinema.
So, around two years ago, I had a foolish idea: instead of writing a story, I could make a film.
Obviously not a real film, with real actors, real cameras, real lights... A film with my poor laptop computer... a cartoon... But the most realistic as possible. I could control all the phases of the film. I would be the director, the actor, the author of the screenplay, the set designer, the music supervisor... So I started.
What were the tools you used? for the modeling activities / animation / rendering / video editing... In other words, what was your tool workflow?
After having examined many software, I choose Reallusion iClone as the general environment. I can do, in reasonable times, practically everything with it. Except one thing: the 3D modeling. iClone has no modeler embedded.
For modeling activities, I decided to use Archipelis Designer. All modelers I know, also the most famous and expensive, need mortal time. I work alone: and can't think about spending months to make an element of the scene, and years and years to make a complete film. Archipelis Designer is perfect the solution: you put in an image, and in six or seven minutes you can build a 3D dinosaur head, a a hill, a tree, or a cloud. But I go over this: all the cloths of my characters are made in Archipelis Designer. And the hair. In some cases the faces too.
How long to achieve the final result?
Working a couple of hours every night.... Let me think: I did Sigfried, around twenty minutes of film, in less than two months. A little bit more for The lost world, including all the realization phases, starting with the scenes and the characters and ending with the soundtrack.
How many 3D models did you create? What was the percentage made with Archipelis Designer?
Oh, I don't know. Considering the experiments never used, and the models you can see in my two short films, I think about three or four hundred. No more! Think that every dinosaur is composed by forty or more parts, and that I built eighty-two dinosaurs... I think to be not so far to one thousand. All this has been done in less than two years.
And about the percentage, using only Archipelis Designer as modeler, It is 100%.
What is for you the added value of Archipelis Designer in your project? Give some examples
I think we have to consider as an essential value instead of an added value.
Without it, my entire project would have failed. Without it, I could not make films. There are other good modeling tools, I know it, but not with the modeling time of Archipelis solution. Most of other modelers are created for teams, not for a single operator. With the performing times of these modelers, it's impossible for a single person make a complete film in less than three or four years. And about the final result, what can be more photorealistic than a photo?
What are your next plans?
Did I already tell you that I am crazy? If not, that's now done.
This is a great, foolish dream.
At first, I want to improve the graphical quality of my films. Particularly in the flowing cloths of the characters. And about the animations, I am bulding a triangular system of webcams for recording real human moves that will be reported on the characters (a motion capture system). More, I have to do an hard work with the particles and fluids management for water, fog, smoke and fire.
Then I will make a short (may be only a trailer of few minutes) based on the novel The Aztec by Gary Jennings. At that point I am sure that I will feel ready: and I will release a cartoon two hours long, to propose to a serious production.
Even if they will see it, probably Steven Spielberg and George Lucas will be not so worried. And Walt Disney will not turn in his coffin.
But, may be, the idea that a lonely person could make a fairly good cartoon in his living room, using a little, old portable computer, smells of future.
Don't you think so?

If you wish to contact Guido Cornia in order to support his activities, please use the following email.
Thank you for that.

guidocornia at gmail dot com

Sigfried complete movie:

and for The lost world complete movie:

Aztecas complete movie: