It is so easy to create 3D models!

A lot of exports and nice features!

From virtual to physical models thanks to 3D printing!

How it works?

This innovative concept is extremely easy to use: just draw an outline from a background image to make a 3D textured model! Or you can use a blank view and just draw the shapes you want from scratch. It's the most intuitive approach to sketch out the shapes and enhance them with textures and photographs. Archipelis Designer does all this. Clearly, It's the easiest way to build Second Life content.

Better than words, look at the animation...


Product namePlatformPriceExport
Archipelis Designer V4.0 Windows 29 € various
Archipelis Designer V4.0 Mac OS X 29 € various
Archipelis Designer v4.0 demo Win / Mac OS X free no

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